The I.N.F.N. and Technology Transfer 

The National Co-ordination Unit for Technology Transfer was established in 1999  to pursue the aims indicated in the Conventions stipulated between the INFN, Confindustria and Confapi. 
The INFN, whose institutional assignment is to carry out research both in the fields of elementary particles and fundamental nuclear physics, has always co-operated with the National Industry  either by participating in the making of complex apparatuses within numerous International Collaborations, or  by carrying out  technology transfer in order  to make Italian enterprises more competitive on the national and international markets.
As the main aim of the Conventions is the establishment of a deeper and better organized relationship with the enterprises, several joint actions have been pointed out:

a) External Training by means of courses within the INFN Units mainly addressed to the SME (Small-Medium Enterprises) staff who will be in charge to allow a real transfer of the INFN know-how. Such a program should be carried out in a close collaboration with the local industrial sectors considering either their needs, or INFN Units receptiveness;

b) Training periods for students in order to arouse their interest towards the most advanced technologies and to enrich their experience;

c) Determination of technological subjects, spread out from INFN scientific programs to be of interest for the entrepreneurial world so to encourage joint development actions.

d) Promote the growth of our enterprises at an international level and start collaborations within the European Community programs. 

e) Support a closer interrelation between University and Enterprises (e.g. BIC LAZIO) promoting the development of the Young Entrepreneurial World in the field of advanced technologies. 

This project which tends to strengthen the presence of INFN in the industrial, social and economic context of the territory, shows two different aims: the one to help increasing the enterprises competition and innovation, and the other to spread the concrete message that fundamental research is not an exclusive property of a few people, but one belonging to the whole country.

Prof. Francesco de Notaristefani 
Chairman of the National  Co-ordination
Unit for Technology Transfer