The main task of the subcommittes consists in the optimization of the interaction between high-qualified research centers, such as the INFN, and the country's production sectors in order to set up  contacts at a local and sectional level.


The main task is to attend to the relations between the INFN and the enterprises and to set up collaborations between INFN's technicians and researchers and the Small-Medium Enterprises in order to obtain a know-how technology  transfer toward industry. In particular, the main purpose of  this activity is the promotion of training and requalification initiatives addressed to the SME staff with the organization of courses and  training periods within INFN Units. For further information, please contact:


The Electronics subcommittee takes care of all electronics programming within INFN, such as microelectronics, VLSI, analogic and digital electronics, data acquisition systems etc.).
In particular, it is in charge of coordinating the transfer of the electronics activities from the INFN to industry. It is also going to be realized a database able to give information on projects, skills and means of INFN, as well as the availability  to participate in industry's projects based on INFN specific competence. For further information, please contact: