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    15 Nov. 2002         Good news!

 Tonight for the first time we scheduled through Impala a CMS Job to an US
 computing resource using the "GLUE" Information System as core service,
 the same is working for Atlas Jobs.

 The chain of the software involved is the following:

 0. The Experiments Job submission framework
 1. The Resource Broker Glue-aware, 
 2. The Glue schemas for Computing element, Storage Element, CESEBind
     implemented and configured in the MDS Informnation systems,
 3. The Glue-Information Providers.
 4. The European nodes configured using EDG software.
 5. The US nodes configured with VDT.

 This software will be release in EDG release 2 as already planned and
 will be configured soon in the EDG development testbed. 

 It is a big step forward to the completion of the Glue Phase I.
 Thanks to all Datatag/Datagrid/iVDGL and Experiment people involved!