WP4 meeting

July 29, 2003 - Bologna (Italy)

1)10:00 opening 

task 1:
- resource discovery: report from S.Ludwig (.ppt .pdf)
task 2: 
- next phase, C.Vistoli
- VOMS integration with the AAA architecture for Advance Reservation, L.Gommans
- security next plan, R.Cecchini (.ppt .pdf)

task 3,4:
application-grid integration status, plans and testbeds
CMS, Claudio Grandi (presented by D.Bonacorsi .ppt .pdf)
Alice, P.Cerello (presented by S.Bagnasco .ppt .pdf)
Atlas, L.Perini (talk by D. Rebatto)

14:00 lunch 15:00 Session on activity reports (possible joint session with iVDGL) - Trillium Report for DataTAG meeting, R. Pordes, (.ppt .pdf) - VOMS, V.Ciaschini  feedback from VOMS experience within CMS-LCG-EDT testbed  VOMS and VOX interoperability (.ppt .pdf) - GLUE schema, S.Andreozzi  updates CE, SE  schema extension for monitoring (GridICE)  schema and VDT package (.ppt .pdf)   - NE implementation, A.Ciuffoletti (.html) - GridICE status and experience from CMS-LCG-EDT testbed and LCG certification testbed, next steps, G.Tortone, S.Andreozzi, S.Fantinel (.ppt .pdf) - IST 2003 interoperability demo planning, C.Vistoli 18:00 closing

Antonia Ghiselli and Cristina Vistoli