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Fabric Architecture
NFS connection: disk server based (link alla pagina di Legnaro)
NFS connection: distributed disks (link alla pagina del cnaf)
Myrinet (link alla pagina di Lecce)
NFS connection: disk server based/distributed disks

Interconnection Networks
100/1000 Ethernet
Myrinet (info fornite da Lecce)

Communication protocols for high speed network fabrics (link a Genova)

Storage Systems (link a Padova)
Ultra SCSI (160/320/…)
Ultra and Serial ATA
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Fibre Channel

Microprocessor Technology
Dual slim processors (link al cnaf)
IA64 (link a Padova, Lecce)

Cnaf: 18/10/2000
Cnaf: 31/10/2000
Cnaf: 13/12/2000

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