How to access the GRID

To access the GRID you have to:

  • Request a certificate to a certification authority. INFN-GRID users can
    obtain a certificate from the INFN CA.

Some information about certificates and their use can be found here.
This certificate identifies you in INFN-GRID, and will allow you access
to the INFN-GRID resources. This certificates must be installed in your
web browser and must be stored in the home area of the account from
which you will submit jobs.

  • Register the subject of your certificate in the LDAP server of your VO
    (Virtual Organization).

    To access the EDG production testbed the users have to sign the EDG
    Usage Guidelines specifing the VO they belong to. Currently the
    supported VO's are: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, WP6, Babar, Earth Obs,
    Genomics, Medical Imaging and EDG Tutorial.

    To access the INFN-GRID production testbed INFN-GRID experiment
    independent people and CDF, Virgo and DataTAG people have to register
    their certificate's subject into the CNAF LDAP Server. People from the
    other experiments should refer to the previous point.

  • Request an account on a UI (User Interface) at your site. Ask to your
    site managers.The site managers list can be found here.

  • Install your certificate in the UI. If you want to know how-to do click here.