WP1 dependencies for PM9

WP1 dependencies for PM9

Francesco Prelz - INFN Milano

Here's a WP1-centric view of the PM9 WP1 dependencies on other WPs. This comes after our latest round of bilateral meetings.

Textual description:

  1. Dependency on WP6 to deploy the MDS-2 infrastructure.
  2. Dependency on WP4 to provide LRMS GIS information providers according to WP1-initiated and agreed schemas. This include the CE--->"local" SE mapping.
  3. Dependency on WP5 to provide SE GIS information, in particular the SE--->"local" CE mapping.
  4. Dependency on WP4 and WP5 to agree on what a "local" CE/SE pair is and to publish this information in a coherent way.
  5. Dependency on WP4/6 to publish "gridmap file" info into the GIS.
  6. Dependency on WP2 to provide replica catalog access for file location, and to provide an API call enabling the applications to find "local" replicas based on WP1 match information.
This is PM9 -only-. Later on we may be able to expand the focus to Release 2.

Graphical version: