Workload Management: Job Opportunities

The objective of the DataGrid project is to enable next generation scientific exploration which requires intensive computation and analysis of shared large-scale databases, from hundreds of TeraBytes to PetaBytes, across widely distributed scientific communities. These requirements are emerging in many scientific disciplines, including physics, biology, and earth sciences. Such sharing is made complicated by the distributed nature of the resources to be used, the distributed nature of the communities, the size of the databases and the limited network bandwidth available. To address these problems, the project proposes to build on emerging computational Grid technologies.

INFN (the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics that promotes, co-ordinates and carries out research in the field of nucleus, elementary particles and fundamental interaction physics as well as the technological research necessary for such sectors) is involved in this EU funded project.

To support this work, INFN has a number of vacancies for the development of middleware for workload management in a Grid environment (WP 1 of the project: see for more information).

For more information contact Mirco Mazzucato (

Last update 05 Feb 2001