I.N.F.N. Multimedia Group

The INFN Multimedia Group was born in Bologna in 1999 to meet the needs of INFN to record and stream on the WEB its most relevant scientific events

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Live streaming - Events

Live streaming of I.N.F.N. meetings, conferences and seminars

Live Event
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Live streaming - Courses

Live streaming of I.N.F.N. courses

Live Course
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Video Archive

The complete archive of our recordings can be found here "Video On Demand"

VOD archive
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Group Activity

The activity of the Multimedia Group is a spot activity. The Multimedia Group intervenes in the conference venues and takes care of: Video and Photographic Shooting, live streaming and digital recording of events and courses, the publication of events in Video on Demand mode and the creation of scientific video contents for INFN


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Stefano Zani (CNAF)
P: +39 051 2095456 stefano.zani[at]cnaf.infn.it
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Fabio Bisi (INFN Bo)
P: +39 051 2095278 fabio.bisi[at]bo.infn.it
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Roberto Giacomelli (INFN Bo)
P: +39 051 2095246 roberto.giacomelli[at]bo.infn.it
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Stefano Meneghini (INFN Bo)
P: +39 051 2095285 stefano.meneghini[at]bo.infn.it